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StingRay Starfire Hydrofoil 40-300HP Lift Level 2 Moderate

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StingRay StarFire Hydrofoil

HP Range: 40-300
Moderate Lift Level
StingRay's StarFire was the hydrofoil model that pioneered the use of set screws to accomplish StingRay's patented "NO-DRILL" installation method.  Additionally, it was the world's first hydrofoil model to feature "No-Drill / Optional-Drill" installation.  The StingRay StarFire was intentionally engineered to maximise top-end speed by inverting its trailing edge to reduce drag and extending its wing tips to enhance stabilisation while on plane. Additionally, the StarFire's in-mold graphics feature a special StarFire sparkle that truly pops in the sunlight!
With a StingRay StarFire installed, boaters will experience increased performance, monetary savings and most importantly: a safer ride!
Features and Benefits:
  • Gets boats on plane quicker
  • Keeps boats on plane at lower speeds
  • Improves hole-shots
  • Maximise stabilisation
  • Saves fuel
  • Promotes safety by increasing visibility at lower speeds
  • Reduces chinewalking, porpoising, cavitation and ventilation
Installation: No Drill (optional 2-drill 40-300HP)