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StingRay Classic Senior Hydrofoil 40-300HP Lift Level 2 Moderate

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StingRay Classic Senior Hydrofoil
HP Range: 40-300
Lift Level Moderate (2)
Installation: 4-Drill 
StingRay's Classic, SR was the company's flagship product upon inception in 1987. Since then, the StingRay Classic Hydrofoil Series has expanded to include a JR and PRO model. The StingRay Classic, SR was created to satisfy the market demand for a one-piece hydrofoil stabiliser capable of fitting a wide array of outboard engine and sterndrive sizes. Featuring the ability to improve the boating experience via multiple performance and handling enhancements, the StingRay Classic, SR became one of the most popular and sought after marine accessories of all-time! With a StingRay Classic, SR installed, boaters will experience faster planing, increased performance, monetary savings, and most importantly: a safer ride!
Features and Benefits:
  • Gets boats on plane quicker
  • Keeps boats on plane at lower speeds
  • Improves hole-shots
  • Maximise stabilisation
  • Saves fuel
  • Promotes safety by increasing visibility at lower speeds
  • Reduces chinewalking, porpoising, cavitation and ventilation
Installation: 4 Drill