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Yanmar 129470-08350 Engine Mount Replacement

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Yanmar 129470-08350 Engine Mount Replacement

This is the strongest durometer engine mount in the Yanmar replacement range. This mount is a stronger durometer replacement of:

128270-08341 - 40kg Compression load. 40 Durometer. Rated for rear mounting 2GM, 3GM and 3YM models
128377-08351 - 75kg Compression load. 50 Durometer. Rated for front mounting 2GM, 3GM and 3YM. Front and rear on some 2GM, 3GM and 3HM models.
121370-08351 - 100kg Compression load. 60 Durometer. Rated for front and rear mouting 3JH and 4JH models

129470-08350 - Aftermarket front and rear mount on Yanmar 4JH-E, 4JH-TE, 4JH-HTE, 4JH-DTE, 4JH2, 4JH2E, 4JH2TE, 4JH2BE, 4JH2TBE, 4JH2HTE, 4JH2DTE, 4JH2UTBE, 4JH2UTE, 4JH3E, 4JH4, 4JH4-E, 4JH4-AE, 4JH5E, 4JH45, 4JH57 engines.
Also used as front and rear mounts on the 4JH3-TE, 4JH3-HTE, 4JH3-DTE, 4JH4-TE, 4JH4-HTE, 4JH80, 4JH110 engines.

  • Thread Size M16
  • Height 145mm
  • Length 205mm
  • Width 60mm
  • Bolt spacing 175mm
  • Durometer 70
  • Compression Load 150kg
  • Static Deflection 5mm
  • Weight 1.7kg