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Aftermarket Volvo Anode Kit 290 Duo Prop Aluminium

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Martyr - Volvo 290 Duo Prop Anode Kit - OEM Spec Aluminum
CM290DPKITA Volvo 290 Duo Prop
Type of Anode: Premium Aluminum - Exact same alloy as Genuine, Guaranteed
Anode Kit Contains:
- CM875821 x 1
- CM852835 x 1
* All Kits include Fastening Hardware and installation instructions.
- CDAK9-603
Product Information:
• Weighs 50% less than traditional zinc anodes.
• Contains 0% Cadmium, a toxic material found in traditional zinc anodes making them environmentally friendly.
• Meets the US Military Specification.
• Proven to be effective in Salt & Brackish water.
Easy installation!
Why Martyr?
Martyr Anodes provide low cost marine cathodic protection for boats, marine structures, and boat equipment. Often called "Boat Zincs”, Martyr Anodes are made of a specialized alloy based on the US Military Spec using only high purity metals. Martyr is the only manufacturer that offers all three alloys that protect your boat from corrosion that can occur in salt water, brackish water, and freshwater. Our anodes are pressure die-cast and manufactured to strict quality standards through an ISO 9001 Quality Management system and are guaranteed to be manufactured to US Military Alloy Specifications. We manufacture sacrificial zinc anodes, aluminum anodes, and magnesium anodes, all of which are proven to prevent boat corrosion that leads to pitting to the hull plate, rudders, and bilge keels. Martyr anodes also protect propellers, shafts, shaft brackets, stern tubes, engines, and rudders.