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Transmission 90 - 20L

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1313020 - Transmission 90 - 20L

Please Note: All oils and coolants will be shipped road freight or alternatively are available for pick up from our Sydney (Northern Beaches) fullfilment centre.

Trans 90 GL-1 is a straight mineral gear oil containing anti-oxidation and anti-wear additives for high temperature operation. Does not contain extreme pressure additives. Use in Fuller RoadRanger gearboxes, Eaton, Spicer, Fiat, Rockwell and Volvo, or wherever a non E.P. gear oil of SAE 50 or SAE 90 viscosity is specified.

Product Features & Benefits
Trans 90 GL-1 is a high viscosity gear oil for use in gear boxes where a non-EP oil is specified. It is specifically designed for the trucking industry where manual gearboxes such as Road Ranger, Eaton, Fuller, Rockwell and Spicer are commonly fitted.

Trans 90 GL-1 contains anti-wear, anti-foam, oxidation, corrosion and rust inhibiting additives which are harmless to copper or soft alloy bearing materials which are often used in these types of gearboxes.


  • API GL1
  • API CF
  • CFII
  • Ford ESW-FM2C-85A
  • GM HN1223 for non-EP