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Titan Self-Righting Anchor Swivel 1770KG - 3270KG Load Limit

$530.00 - $798.00
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Self-Righting Anchor Swivel

Self-Righting Anchor swivel is made of High Strength Stainless Steel, polished mirror finish.

Product Features:

  • Flip swivel - rotates anchor into the correct orientation if it retrieves over the bow upside down
  • Covers the size ranges from Rocna and Vulcan anchors 6kg through to 55kg
  • Highest work load of any self-righting swivel on the market
  • Will fit imperial and metric chain
  • unique in the market, meets the same load specs even in sideload
  • Stainless Steel Grade: 17-4PH which is stronger than 316 while still offering excellent corrosion resistance
  • Polished mirror finish
  • Hardware included: loctite hexagon socket set screws, allen key, installation instructions

Product Sizing Guide:


Swivels are a popular accessory helpful in reducing rode twists and allowing the anchor to be rotated upon retrieval. A swivel should be rated to the breaking strength of the chain ( not the working load ), and care must be taken to avoid cheap, poorly engineered, and badly built designs.

When installing, be sure the swivel cannot be subjected to a veering load and can rotate properly. We do not recommend attaching the fork of a swivel directly to the anchor shank. It is safer to put a few links of chain between the swivel and the anchor. If this is done, an articulating ball-andjoint-design is pointless, and an in-line rotating design will be of simpler construction and probably a better solution.