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Hydraulic Steering Oil 1 Litre

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Multiflex - Hydraulic Steering Oil - 1 Litre

A high-quality, high viscosity index (VI) mineral oil made for hydraulic operations over a large temperature range with very minimal variation in viscosity.
Please Note: All oils and coolants will be shipped road freight or alternatively are available for pick up from our Sydney (Northern Beaches) fullfilment centre.


  • All Multiesteer Hydraulic Systems and applications
  • For inboard and outboard applications


  • Multisteer AWS 15 Hydraulic Oil is a premium anti-wear hydraulic oil with rust, oxidation, foam and non-zinc based anti-wear additives
  • Multisteer AWS 15 Hydraulic Oil meets or exceeds the requirements for hydraulic lubricants of: DIN 51502 classification - HLP: ISO 6743/4 - Hydraulic Oils Type HM
  • Recommended with Multiflex Hydraulic Steering System 115hp UPC: 40049 and Multiflex Hydraulic Steering System 350hp UPC: 35705


  • Viscosity at 40 Degrees: 15.5cSt
  • Viscosity Index >150
  • Power Point:  -40 Degrees
  • Flash Point: >188 Degrees