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Genuine SPX Johnson 10-35098-2 Volvo 829985 AQ & MD Impeller Pump F4B-9

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SPX Johnson - 10-35098-2 - Volvo 829985 AQ & MD Impeller Pump F4B-9

SPX FLOW Johnson Pump Marine is one of the leading original equipment pump suppliers to the largest manufacturers world-wide of inboard engines. Engine cooling pumps, the F-series, are available in several different styles and sizes to satisfy different cooling system needs. Flanged pumps which mount directly to the engine and crank shaft pulley mounted pumps are available for a wide variety of engines.


  • Self-priming, a dry pump can lift water up to as much as 3 meters. Thus a flexible impeller pump being used for engine cooling does not need to be located below the water line or manually primed.
  • Flexible impeller pumps can pass fairly large solids without clogging or damaging the pump. This reduces the need for filtering the incoming fluid.
  • For general raw or fresh water applications, the standard long-lasting neoprene rubber impeller is used. All flexible impeller pumps is that they cannot be permitted to run dry for more than 30 seconds. Both the impeller and the seals depend upon the water for lubrication and will soon fail if run dry.
  • Wear parts are easily replaceable
  • Service kits are available for all standard models.


  • Pump Body: Bronze flange mount
  • Impeller: 09-1026B
  • Connection: 3/8" BSP
  • Replaces: 10-31917-1 and 10-35098-4. Volvo 825916 and 829895
  • Suits: BB115A BB170A AQ130C BB170B 110S MB20B AQ115A MB20C BB170C BB165A AQ115B MD21A AQ130A AQ170B AQ170C AQ170A AQ130D MB20A BB115B B20 AQ130B AQ165A BB115C AQD21A 100S MD11C MD17D MD17C MD11D MD2B MD3B AQD2B MD1B