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Trudesign Strainer White Nylon 130mm X 95mm

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Tru Design

Trudesign Strainer White Nylon 130mm X 95mm

Designed and made in New Zealand, the Scoop Strainer is designed to divert large objects away from water intakes while the vessel is moving. This helps eliminate problems with seaweed/seagrass, sticks or rubbish being sucked into engine intakes and blocking or clogging intake filters.

Suited for 1 1/4" skin fittings or smaller.

The strainer acts as a course first stage filter that is cleaned by water movement.

The Round Strainer is designed for use in stationary applications where there is a risk of sucking in unwanted objects.

Tru-Design Intake Strainers eliminate the corrosion and electrical bonding problems associated with metallic fittings.

They can be painted over with anti-foul, and can be faired into the hull without concerns of corrosion.