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SPX Johnson 09-45053 - Vacuum Switch

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SPX Johnson - 09-43112 - Vacuum Switch

For automatic shut off operation to prevent pump damage. The cacuum switch works with all self priming impeller pumps and should be used for: Bilge pumping/emptying of tanks to prevent the pump from dry running.

The vacuum switch automatically shuts the pump off when the bilge/tank is dry. With the switch fitted, you can start the pump by remote push button or manually by pressing the lever on the switch.

The vacuum switch should be placed on the suction side of the pump.

This switch is not ignition protected. Must not be used in pump systems handling petrol or other inflammable liquids.

To be used only with pump units uspplied with DC engines, max 16A or SPX FLOW Johnson Pumps clutch pumps in -5000 and -5001 series.