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Aftermarket Yamaha 61A-W0078-A4 Water Pump Repair Kit Sierra 18-3396-1

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Supersedes Yamaha part 61A-W0078-A2, 61A-W0078-A3

Used on Yamaha engines:

Two Stroke: 150FETO L150FETO (2000-13), 175DETO (2000-13), 200FETO L200FETO (2000-13), 225FETO L225FETO (2002-06)

Four Stroke: F150AET FL150AET (2004-13), F150LA F150LB F150LCA F150XA F150XB F150XCA LF150XA LF150XB LF150XCA VF150LA VF150XA (2014+), F175LA F175LCA F175XA F175XCA LF175XCA VF175LA VF175XA (2014+) F200AET FL200AET (2002-11), F200CET FL200CET (2012-13), F200FET F200GET FL200GET (2013), F200LB F200LCA F200XA F200XB F200XCA LF200LCA LF200XA LF200XB LF200XCA (2014+), F225AET FL225AET (2002-11), F225XA (2014-18)