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Mercury Gen 1 Control Cables

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Multiflex - Mercury Gen 1 Edge Control Cables - MF-EEC-005-

Engine Control Cables are used for Shift and Throttle application. Different designs of Engine Control Cables are used depending on the engine type and installation.


  • For Mercury® and Mercruiser® engines
  • Compatible with Seastar Solutions® part number CCX179 and Ultraflex® part number MACH5
  • Applications - Mercury® / Mercruiser® / Mariner® / Over 50

Edge Series Control Cable:

  • Travel: 95 mm
  • Conduit: 8.6 mm
  • Inner: 2.75 (coated inner)

Special Edge Conduit

  • Unique design of Conduit provides structural integrity and a tighter minimum bend radius.
Improved Efficiency
  • Edge cables provide significantly greater efficiency due to use of low-friction materials and construction.
Minimal Backlash
  • Edge cables are built allowing optimum gap between inner core and conduit, resulting in significantly minimal backlash.
Less Friction Wiper Seal
  • The wiper seals are made from a polyurethane impregnated with lifetime lubricant to minimise operating friction.
Cable Bend Radius
  • Edge Cable has a minimum bend radius of 4 inches. However in use keep the bend radius as large as possible and the degree of bend to a minimum for optimal performance.
  • The above features translates into improved efficiency with reduced operator effort when EDGE cables are used.

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