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Maddox Large Wedge Anode MPS.MDXWD

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Marine Protection Systems - Large Wedge Anode 1.4kg 

The Maddox anode is an internationally accredited sacrificial anode for timber and fibreglass vessels. The patented composite alloy is closer than zinc in mV potential to the submerged metals found on most boats making it less aggressive on coatings and parts than the zinc equivalent.

Mad­dox anodes effec­tively pro­tect bronze and stain­less steel parts on fibre­glass and wooden ves­sels by cre­at­ing a more neutral envi­ron­ment in the water around the metal to be protected.

mV potential: In sea and water when calibrated and independent to other metal: -710mV (on average)

Uses: Under hull mount, keel or slipper mount, shoe or skeg mount. Designed as medium sized anode with reduced drag.

Supplied as: Single unit, including 2 x 10mm star wahes and fitting intruction label.