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Heat Shrink Tape (3 Sizes)

$32.00 - $85.00
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Dr. Shrink - 2, 4 & 6" Heat Shrink Tape Rolls

Introducing Dr. Shrink Heat Shrink Tape – the ultimate solution for secure and weather-resistant bundling and sealing. Engineered with precision, our heat shrink tape is designed to provide a tight, durable seal for various applications. Whether you’re safeguarding cargo during transit or sealing outdoor structures, trust Dr. Shrink Heat Shrink Tape for its resilience and reliability. This tape not only offers exceptional strength but also ensures a weather-tight seal, protecting your belongings from the elements. Invest in the quality of Dr. Shrink Heat Shrink Tape for a secure and durable solution to your bundling and sealing needs

Heat Shrink Tape is a 9-mil polyethylene tape that is designed to install doors and seal pleats, seams and holes.

Heat Shrink Tape has a powerful backing that adheres nicely to shrink wrap. Available industry standard white, in 2″, 4″ and 6″ widths. All rolls are 180′ long. 

We offer 3 Size Options:

DS-702W - 2" Width

DS-704W - 4" Width

DS-706W - 6" Width