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Genuine Volvo Penta 3847644 Fuel Filter

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Genuine Volvo Penta 3847644 Fuel Filter

Replaces Volvo Penta part number: 3847644

Suits Volvo Penta engines:

3.0GXi-J, 3.0GXiC-J, 4.3GiPEF, 4.3GXi-A 4.3GXi-B, 4.3OSi-B, 4.3GXi-BF, 4.3OSi-BF, 4.3GXi-C, 4.3 GXi-D 4.3OSi-C, 4.3OSi-D, 4.3GXi-CF, 4.3 GXi-DF, 4.3OSi-CF, 4.3OSi-DF, 4.3GXi-E, 4.3OSi-E, 4.3GXi-EF, 4.3OSi-EF, 4.3 GXi-F, 4.3 GXi-G, 4.3OSi-F, 4.3OSi-G, 4.3 GXi-FF, 4.3 GXi-GF, 4.3OSi-FF, 4.3OSi-GF, 4.3 GXi-J, 4.3OSi-J, 4.3GXiE-M, 4.3 GXi-JF, 4.3OSi-JF, 5.0Gi PEFS, 5.7GSi PEFS, 5.0GXi-A, 5.7Gi-A, 5.7GXi-A, 5.7GXi-B, 5.0GXi-B, 5.0OSi-B, 5.7Gi-B, 5.7OSi-A, 5.7GXi-C, 5.7OSXi-A, 5.0GXi-BF, 5.0OSi-BF, 5.7Gi-BF, 5.7OSi-AF, 5.7GXi-CF, 5.7OSXi-AF, 5.0GXi -C,-D, 5.0OSi-C, 5.0OSi-D, 5.7Gi-C, 5.7Gi-D, 5.7OSi-B, 5.7OSi-C, 5.7GXi-D, 5.7GXi-E, 5.7OSXi-B, 5.7OSXi-C, 5.0GXi-CF, 5.0GXi-DF, 5.0OSi-CF, 5.0OSi-DF, 5.7Gi-CF, 5.7Gi-DF, 5.7OSi-BF, 5.7OSi-CF, 5.7GXi-DF, 5.7GXi-EF, 5.7OSXi-BF, 5.7OSXi-CF, 5.0GXi-E, 5.0OSi-E, 5.7Gi-E, 5.7OSi-D, 5.7GXi-F, 5.7OSXi-D, 5.0GXi-EF, 5.0OSi-EF, 5.7Gi-EF, 5.7OSi-DF, 5.7GXi-FF, 5.7OSXi-DF, , 5.0GXi-F, 5.0GXi-G, 5.0OSi-F, 5.0OSi-G, 5.7Gi-F, 5.7Gi-G, 5.7OSi-E, 5.7Gi-G, 5.7GXi-G, 5.7GXi-H, 5.7OSXi-E, 5.7OSXi-G, many 7.4, 8.1 & 8.2L models

This is a genuine Volvo Penta fuel filter.