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Aftermarket Volvo Penta 835440 Oil Filter Sierra 18-7824-2

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Aftermarket Volvo Penta 835440 Oil Filter Sierra 18-7824-2

Replaces Volvo Penta part number: 3852030, 3852412, 835440

Suits Volvo Penta engines:

500, 501, 570, 571, 3.0GL, 3.0GL MMDA, 3.0GLM-A, 3.0GLM-B, 3.0GLM-C, 3.0GLP-A, 3.0GLP-B, 3.0GLP-C, 3.0GLP-D, 3.0GLP-E, 3.0GLP-J, 3.0GLP-N, 3.0GS, 3.0GS MBYMCE, 3.0GS MEFS, 3.0GS MHUB, 3.0GS MLKD, 3.0GS MNCS, 3.0GS MWTR, 3.0GS MWTS, 3.0GS PBYCCE, 3.0GS PBYMCE, 3.0GS PEFS, 3.0GS PHUB, 3.0GS PLKD, 3.0GS PMDA, 3.0GS PNCS, 3.0GS PWTR, 3.0GS PWTS, 3.0GSM-A, 3.0GSM-B, 3.0GSM-C, 3.0GSP-A, 3.0GSP-B, 3.0GSP-C, 3.0GXI-J, 4.3GL-E, 4.3GL-EF, 4.3GL-G, 4.3GXI-F, 4.3GXI-G, 4.3GXI-GF, 5.0GL-F, 5.0GL-G, 5.0GL-H, 5.0GXI-F, 5.0GXI-G, 5.7GI PHUS, 5.7GI PLKDCE, 5.7GI PLKECE, 5.7GI PMDA, 5.7GI PMDACE, 5.7GI PNCACE, 5.7GI PNCBCE, 5.7GI PNCMCE, 5.7GI PNCSCE, 5.7GI-F, 5.7GI-G, 5.7GL PLKA, 5.7GL PLKD, 5.7GL PLKE, 5.7GL PLKR, 5.7GL PMDA, 5.7GL PNCS, 5.7GLI PLKDCE, 5.7GS PLKD, 5.7GS PLKE, 5.7GSI PLKDCE, 5.7GSI PLKE, 5.7GXI-G, 5.7GXI-H, 500A, 500B, 501A, 570A, 571A, 572A, 740A, 740B, AQ200D, AQ200F, AQ211A, AQ225D, AQ225E, AQ225F, AQ231A, AQ231B, AQ255B, AQ260A, AQ260B, AQ271A, AQ271C, AQ275A, AQ290A, AQ311A, AQ311B, BB200D, BB225A, BB225A/V, BB260A